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December 11, 2010

The Gift of Friendship, Photography and Life!

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This time of year is when we often stop and reflect on life and the blessings in our lives and I have to tell you how blessed I feel to know this family that I get to photograph every year. 

I have been photographing this family for the last four years and it brings my heart soo much joy to see the kiddos grow physically and emotionally each and every time I see them.  This last year this special mom was diagnosed with cervical cancer and WOW it went soo well for her.  This year is a different story; she was diagnosed with a very rare type of cancer that is one of the nastiest cancers I have heard of; this cancer caused her to have Cushing’s disease, which lends itself to a whole new can of worms.  Throughout all of this she has been a trooper to say the least and inspirational to soo many.  It seems you don’t have to look very far to see tragedy with disease; however it is all how we look at it! 

I have learned soo much about how really unthankful I am for the basics I have in life; walking, driving, talking, feeling overall good.  My new goal is to be truly thankful for life itself and how precious it is and how I need to live each day to its fullest, no regrets. 

I am truly blessed to know family’s like this and have the privilege to utilize the talent of photography God has given me; I don’t ever want to take for granite the talents I have, it is a gift!  I hope you enjoy the images I am sharing of this family as much as the family has blessed my life!

December 3, 2010

Soo excited… The Fun and Crazy Photo and Video booth is now part of our services… Photobooth’n’

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We are soo excited to announce that we have added the fun and absolutely awesome photobooth and also which is brand new to the industry is the videobooth to our services!  If you have never been in a photobooth before, you must!  Once you step in the booth, close the curtains you will love it, go crazy and will want more.  We had a lot of clients ask us this year if we had a photo booth and didn’t so we did a lot of research on pricing, product and prospective clients and it all fell into place.  What we heard from a lot of brides and grooms was that they really wanted to rent one, but found after doing some phone calling that rentals were anywhere between $1,000 and upwards of $3,000; my mouth dropped too!  So not only did we see the need for a fun yet amazing but affordable photobooth we went one step further, we added video to the booth.  So when guests enter they can not only get crazy with taking photos they can also leave the bride and groom a short video; how awesome is that?  The next important piece of information we want to spread is what it includes as that is soo important, so here we go….

Photobooth Fun is Only $750 for…

  • Four Hours of pure fun!
  • Unlimited photobooth sessions during duration of rental!
  • Two fun event hosts!
  • Choice of black and white or color photo strips!
  • Crazy and fun props!
  • Double print strips from each session!
  • Scrapbook for your party memories!
  • Customized design on the strip!

To include the video as part of the fun for the evening it is only an additional $200! 

So having Photobooth’n’ at your wedding reception really is a blast!  It creates laugh-out-loud memories, inspires fun, and creates energy!  Guests of all ages will enjoy being crazy while helping you commemorate your special day!

We are confident that Photobooth’n’ is the most affordable, high quality photo and video booth in the Denver.   We are all about FUN and we want you and your guests to feel the same! 

Share the fun..  Share a laugh..

Get Photobooth’n’!

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