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May 2, 2010

A Date with Downtown Denver – Kristin and Matt.. Having a great time at the engagement session.. Wedding to follow at the Brown Palace in August!

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As we all know the weather these days has been nothing but interesting and when Kristin and I scheduled her engagement session we were praying the weather would hold out and it did.  Right when we ended the session it started to rain and what great timing.  However I do tell clients that rain sometimes rain can add another element into the image that is truly amazing. 

Kristin lives downtown and so we met at the Ink Coffee house right off of Little Raven and just took advantage of all the great spots that are right around Little Raven; the bridges, Union Station, the railroad tracks and soo much more.  I always love to pick a spot that is diversified so it looks like you went to several different places but you actually stayed at one. 

The engagement session is always a lot of fun for me as it allows me to get to know my clients better and also it gives both of us an idea of how it will work at the wedding.  I use the word “fun” a lot because when you are photographing someone I feel  it is the photographer’s job to make it as stress free and as fun (there’s that word again) as possible and the time goes by soo fast for the client that it makes it enjoyable for them.  By not posing my clients but giving little direction it truly allows them to be themselves, relaxed, and I get to capture who they really are.  My belief is that when you use photojournalism with photography you truly capture those moments that often go unnoticed and the real personalities come out. With traditional photography my opinion is that the person being photographed gets uptight and very uncomfortable as most of the session is posed and the client is constantly looking at the camera which creates a perm grin and unpleasant images are captured. 

Kristin and Matt were nothing short of a blast to photograph; both very comfortable in front of the camera and soo easy to chat with!!  Thanks Kristin and Matt for a great engagement session I look forward to your wedding at the Brown Palace in August!

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