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March 19, 2010

Capturing Little Personalities…. Family Portrait…

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Oh how I love to get to go to someone’s home and meet a baby for the first time and get to create memories as it brings back memories of my own when my kiddos were little.  There are fewer things more precious than capturing some unforgettable moments in time of a newborn.  I like to go to the client’s house when babies are soo little as it makes them feel more comfortable and it is far less work for the parents.  I love to use their house as a backdrop and it makes it very photojournalistic which is my true love of photography. 

Little William is such an awesome baby who amazingly was soo alert and did absolutely wonderful during our photography session.  William’s parents Matt and Linsey are phenomenal new parents and when they talk too little William their eyes just light up and so does William’s.  I am soo looking forward to capturing this family as it grows; what a blessing.  Here are a few of my favorite images from our session.

March 11, 2010

Photojournalistic Photography with Families and Fun Memories!!!

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I have the privilege every year of meeting and working with new clients which always seem to bless me in ways I could have never imagined.  I met Sarah in my bible study class and she shared that her family was taking in two little girls and mind you twin girls for a while, while a family member is trying to get on her feet.  The more I got to know Sarah and hear this story the more I was enthralled by all she was doing and doing with her own two young boys too.  So she was attending to four little ones all under the age of 5, WOW, yes that was my response too.  All the while I never heard Sarah complain or commiserate on how hard life was; she was definitely an inspiration.  As I have written in previous blogs I truly feel if you have been given time, a talent or monetary gifts you need to give back and so that is what I did.  I had the joy of capturing Sarah’s family’s personalities and these two cute twin girls she was loving on for a short time.  Again, I think they blessed me more than I did them; this family was fun, uplifting and full of joy, not something you see every day in situations like this. 

Here are a few images I thought I would share from this fun family photography session.  Enjoy!

March 9, 2010

Wedding Planning – Some great tips on how to find the right florist to fit your wedding day needs!

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There is soo much to planning a wedding and in some of my previous blogs I have written about how to find the right photographer and I think another important element is finding the right florist as these flowers will be in most of your images, so it is definitely something to think about. 

Finding and working with the right people to help you plan one of the biggest days of your life is not an easy task. Here are a few suggested steps to find the perfect florist to assist with your wedding day. 

Get word-of-mouth references from recently wed family and friends. If that isn’t an option, try talking to the managers working at your chosen venue. Chances are they’ll have cultivated good working relationships with other wedding pros, especially if your chosen venue is a popular wedding site. Most venues off a referral list for all categories relating to a wedding so inquire with the event manager about the preferred referral list.  Going online is another great option as you can often view a florist’s portfolio right on their website. Even if you like what you see, you will still need to schedule a formal interview with all possible contenders. Again, I think referrals are by far the best advice on how to find a florist that would be fit your wedding needs.  Also something to consider to is would I enjoy working with them; are they easy to work with or are they very opinionated and really don’t want to hear my ideas?  If this is the case I would consider moving on to the next person on your list.  It is all about the relationship when it comes to hiring vendors for your big day!



Once the interview has been scheduled, start thinking ahead of time about what kind of information you’ll want to leave there knowing. It would be useful to buy a notebook for these types of interviews. Write down all the questions you can think to write. Don’t forget to ask your fiancé what he thinks is important, too. Bring the notepad along and write down the answers; you’ll be able to compare them later. While in the interview ask to see a portfolio. If your styles don’t seem to match up you might want to reconsider at this point. If you do seem to be on the same page, start asking the real questions. How much experience does he or she have with floral design when it comes to weddings? Find out about pricing, even though you might not know exactly what kinds of flowers you want just yet. And try to envision your wedding together. If you throw out words like “romantic” and “classy” but they can’t let go of “traditional” they may not be your ideal florist.


Flowers are not cheap. If you want to save money, let your florist help you. If the flowers you have your heart set on are out-of-season and therefore more expensive, let them suggest a close compromise. Have the bill itemized and the costs lay out in front of you before making your final decision. If you feel you have spent too much in one area, say the bridal party’s bouquets then ask them for money saving suggestions before they place the order.

I thought I would list some of my favorite florists I have worked with that I truly enjoyed working with and very much love their work.

 Statice Floral


 Nature’s Palate


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