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November 15, 2009

Shelby & Erik – Engagement Times to be Remembered!!!

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So in my previous blog a while back I talked about having the opportunity to photograph this wonderful couple Shelby and Erik’s wedding in Anacortes, WA; and if their engagement session is just a taste of how much fun we are going to have I can’t imagine how much fun their wedding will be to photograph!

 We went to a few locations very close by and had a blast together.  They were soo playful and just a joy to photograph!  Shelby and Erik have such relaxed, fun and genuine personalities that you can’t help but enjoy being with them.  Shelby is soo cute she is soo use to wearing heals and after that last snow storm there were spots that it was impossible to wear heals so she had some sassy boots to put on; you go Shelby!!!  Make no mistake she did get the opportunity to wear he sassy heals too we made sure that happened!

 Anyway, here are a few of my many favorite images from their engagement session.  You rock Shelby and Erik!!!



Shelby's last name is Morrison and I thought how appropriate and fun it would be to have an image like this!







November 5, 2009

Megan and Dave – Engagement Memories In Downtown!

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True love stories never have endings.  ~Richard Bach

When I first met Megan and Dave I was blown away by them as people and also about the details of their wedding!  First and foremost Megan and Dave are the type of people that anyone can befriend and I was soo fortunate to not only befriend them but to be their wedding photographer!  Their wedding details are just amazing and fun!  They will be getting married at the wonderful Boettcher Mansion and will have their reception downtown; but hold here that is just a piece of it.  They will be wearing along with their attendants Chuck Berry shoes, you know those Converse shoes that are just fun.  They both want to add their personalities into their wedding and they are.  For their reception or they call it after party they will be going to an Irish pub downtown to celebrate their day!  They both love Irish music and have favorite Irish Bands they follow; they would be soo much fun to go pubbing with!  Anyway, for their engagement session we went downtown to many places and boy did we have fun; they wore their Chuck Berry shoes and Megan had her hair done which was just amazing, she looked stunning! 

Thanks Megan and Dave for being adventurous and soo much fun to photograph!!!  So here’s to love stories and never endings!





At the park there was a make shift band playing and I thought how fitting it would be for Megan and Dave to have a picture like this as they just love music! Go Megan and Dave!!












Long Live Love!!!

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