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August 17, 2009

Anacortes, Washington Here We Come!!!!

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I know, I know, I know, three blogs in one day that is a record especially when I haven’t blogged for three weeks (I was on vacation for 8 days though); so I am catching up!  Anyway, I was fortunate and blessed to photograph Sarah and Mike’s wedding on July 3 at the Inn at Palmer Divide, again a great place off the beaten path when I met Shelby and Erik good friends of Sarah and Mike’s.  Before I left the reception Erik and Shelby asked for a business card because they are engaged and getting married in July.  Well when I caught up with Shelby and Erik we had a great conversation and they told me that their wedding was going to be held in this wonderful, beautiful and amazingly scenic place called Anacortes, WA which is near Seattle and I was just soo excited, they hadn’t hired me yet, just excited about the possibility!  When we met they had a couple of dates in mind and on the date they were really set on I was already booked as you can imagine I was selfishly bummed, but understood.  Well, a couple of days passed and I received an email from Erik and Shelby and they decided to change their date so we could photograph their wedding; as you can imagine I was very humbled and soo super excited for several reasons.  First, I was super thrilled to be working with two wonderful people like Shelby and Erik and lastly to have the opportunity to go to a part of the world that is just soo scenic and amazing that it is hard to describe; look for yourself!!!  http://www.anacortes.org

So Kristy and I (the amazing photographer and good friend of mine) will be gliding over to Anacortes in July of 2010 and we are just tickled pink about this opportunity.  We will keep you posted on this fun adventure.

Amber & Derek – Willow Ridge Manor House Morrison, Colorado

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I had the privilege of meeting Amber two years ago at a wedding I photographed at Willow Ridge; she was actually in the wedding I was photographing.  When she called to ask me to photograph her wedding which would be held at the same venue, I immediately said of course, yes; I just loved her.  Amber is the type of person that leaves you with a smile; she is soo genuine and real, just an overall great person.  When Amber and Derek came over I immediately took a liking to him as well as he holds the same characteristic traits as Amber, very genuine and real.  As I got to know them better and chat with them I found out that Derek travels the country as a speaker with Rachel’s Challenge.  Rachel’s Challenge is an organization that promotes acts of kindness and compassion.  Actually, Rachel Scott the very first victim of Columbine herself wrote an essay before her death in which she challenged her readers to start a chain reaction through acts of kindness and compassion. From that essay, and heartfelt diary entries, emerged her provocation, testing the empathy of others.

Rachel’s Challenge, now in its seventh year, spanning five countries and growing, has been implemented throughout thousands of schools, thanks to her father, Darrell Scott. Middle schools, including all four middle schools within Sussex County’s Indian River School District (IRSD), are accepting the challenge.

I am soo amazed at what we all can do when we work together like Derek is with this organization, what a blessing he is too soo many!

Their wedding was nothing short of amazing and fun!  They had a great group of attendants that were fun and willing to do almost anything to get some great images and we did!  Thanks Derek and Amber for letting us be a part of your day!  Enjoy…



Chris & Sara – A Wedding at the Boettcher Mansion that was a BLAST!

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As we all know the weather this year has been very interesting to say the least, however on Chris and Sara’s wedding day the sky opened up and we had just wonderful photography weather for a couple of hours.  This great weather allowed us to get some amazing images of Chris and Sara’s special day! 

I have been soo blessed to have such wonderful couples to photograph this year and Chris and Sara were one of my couples this year that truly makes me love what I do, document special events for amazing people!  They both were adventurous and willing to do whatever, which makes for some fun photography!  A big thanks to Sara and Chris for being soo great!  Enjoy…









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